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holy crap the shoes!

alright, so here's my anna costume so far
What I have
-the shoes. hot damn, the shoes.
-the shorts. They are DOOOOOOOONE!!!

What needs to be finished.
-the jacket
-the corset
-the phone
-he choker

so Ima work on teh choker and the phone soon. Like maybe tomorrow. I can do the jacket.
so if you feel brave enough to deal with me, call me and help me on the fffing corset. Please. Otherwise, I'ma butcher it, and yalluns can deal.

Other Costumes:
Possibly gonna do a chi thing, if I can get a long blonde wig, and the ears.
I wanna do a gl type thing, but it's gonna have to be ghetto.
Ima search ccs costumes tonight and find the easiest one possible to do incase chi doesn't work.

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