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So! Since not everyone is at school anymore, now is the time to fully utilize the LJ community!!

I'm getting a hotel room - Nick and Scottie are with me so far, and Steph I think? Clarify plz!

So, I have an idea for a skit. It occurs to me that not everyone will be able to go, so this skit will still be do-able even if someone is missing (as opposed to Tekken, where EVERYONE had to be there!).

My idea is... Jrock vs Jpop! Kinda. There's some cutesy pop people on stage, then Jrockers come on stage and scare them, and somewhere in there there's Nick with a yellow box on his head (from L'arc en ciel -- here's the best example I could find), and Dave yelling WOOOOOO as Hard Gay :D

The best thing about this skit is that it can be put together really quickly. We need a soundtrack, some random dance moves, and catch phrases. (Mary, if you're gackt, you totally should say "magnum desu"!) What do ya think?

I'm going to cosplay Ai Kago from Mini Moni. Other people expressed interest in cosplaying Minimoni with me, but I don't think I have enough orange plaid for everyone, so that's a problem. But then, it might not be -- maybe there could be different minimoni costumes? Everyone pick a favorite costume, maybe? I HAVE NO IDEA. O.O If girls don't know who they want to be, we can make them from MiniMoni pretty easily :D

SO. I've recruted Dave as Hard Gay (is that still okay? ♥)
I'm Ai Kago from MiniMoni, in orange plaid :D
I think I've recruited Nick to be a L'arc box

What does everyone else want to be? Assuming they're coming? Costume ideas? Other ideas? Am I a complete idiot and this skit idea is retarded? o.o;

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