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Hey y'all! I'm re-doing the YMC webpage for my final project in web design! I want to know what colors you think the layout should be. I have this folder-theme idea, but I don't know what colors to use. This is just a sketch, it'll look much cleaner than this.

Vote plz! (it's on my personal journal, since you can only do polls with a paid account.)

And please tell everyone else that doesn't read LJ much to vote too! :D :D
Anthy series


So! Since not everyone is at school anymore, now is the time to fully utilize the LJ community!!

I'm getting a hotel room - Nick and Scottie are with me so far, and Steph I think? Clarify plz!

So, I have an idea for a skit. It occurs to me that not everyone will be able to go, so this skit will still be do-able even if someone is missing (as opposed to Tekken, where EVERYONE had to be there!).

My idea is... Jrock vs Jpop! Kinda. There's some cutesy pop people on stage, then Jrockers come on stage and scare them, and somewhere in there there's Nick with a yellow box on his head (from L'arc en ciel -- here's the best example I could find), and Dave yelling WOOOOOO as Hard Gay :D

The best thing about this skit is that it can be put together really quickly. We need a soundtrack, some random dance moves, and catch phrases. (Mary, if you're gackt, you totally should say "magnum desu"!) What do ya think?

I'm going to cosplay Ai Kago from Mini Moni. Other people expressed interest in cosplaying Minimoni with me, but I don't think I have enough orange plaid for everyone, so that's a problem. But then, it might not be -- maybe there could be different minimoni costumes? Everyone pick a favorite costume, maybe? I HAVE NO IDEA. O.O If girls don't know who they want to be, we can make them from MiniMoni pretty easily :D

SO. I've recruted Dave as Hard Gay (is that still okay? ♥)
I'm Ai Kago from MiniMoni, in orange plaid :D
I think I've recruited Nick to be a L'arc box

What does everyone else want to be? Assuming they're coming? Costume ideas? Other ideas? Am I a complete idiot and this skit idea is retarded? o.o;
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Cosplay Shoot anybody?

So Jaime and I were talking and we decided that we wanted some really great pictures of us in costume (I personally need some for cosplaylab). I figured you guys might want some more pics as well, so I propose a Your Mom Tekken 5 photoshoot. I haven't gotten far enough to decide on a time/place/etc. (since this idea occurred 5 mnutes ago), so just lemme know if this sounds like a cool idea to anybody else.

w00t >.

well, crappy. Clint's sewing machine sux. Not sucks, because it doesn't deserve teh proper spelling. I just doesn't. I need to finish my corset, and I need to finish the jacket. With the aid of jaime's sewing machine, I can handle the jacket. However the corset I can't do.
If you read this, and are willing to help me (PLEASE) find a way to do so...I work tomorrow from 7:30-9 and I work thursday 4-9, so please please please please please help me. Please. Im practically begging. I will beg if need be. Please.
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okay here goes

Everyone: my house is open for workage as always

Scotterella: even if my car doesnt get finished today you are more than welcome to come down and ork on stuff (and if you could bing the blue dye)

Jaime: i know i had something to ask you but i can't remember it

Anthy series

No L-J cut for you! Okay, you get two. But read this!

Here's an insanely long Animazement info post! Yay! I think I have every bit of info possible in this post. Mike, Nick, Susan, did I leave anything out? According to the website, "Over 2500 people attended Animazement 2004. We hope to break 2800 in '05!" That's twice the people that attend Reynolds HS. This post took over an hour to write. Read it or I will cry.

Clint discovered a Fan Video from AZ 2004 (link on the far left) that has video of the stage we'll be on, and some of the hotel :D Plus lots of random insanity. Yes, the con is that crazy. :D:D
Here is the scheduel from 2004, because they haven't put up 2005 YET!! But you can get a general feel of the times. On the last page is a map of the hotel. The cosplay/dances are in Track 1, Track 2, and Track 3 (the walls collapse), and the actual hotel is the big white space on the top left. The video game room is bottom-center - notice how small? That's why it's stinky! No windows.

We're leaving at "6:00" (because we all know we'll be running late) on friday. If we leave at or past 7, we'll probably hit Winston-Salem 9am traffic (we're going straight through downtown Winston-salem). Here's the Directions on Mapquest, we start on #5 (5: Merge onto I-40 E via the ramp on the LEFT. 221.5 miles). Barring traffic, we'll get there in 3 1/2 hours at the latest (Possibly 3 hours - I'm not speeding too much! Memorial Day Weekend!) We'll get there at 10 *at the latest*, we can stop for breakfast/lunch if we want! Yay!

Once we get there, Mike and I will go register us into the hotel (I THINK we can get a room at 10). If not, yay for changing into costumes in the bathroom! Convention Registration is better earlier, no lines :D Mike, Lisa, and the guy mike is bringing (Augh I forgot his name again!) Already have badges, the rest of us go get badges. For those who've never been to a con, you have to wear your badge at all times! Especially to get into the dealers room. The hotel isn't scary-big, and it's pretty easy to find everything. We're doing the 6-2-1 rule: 6 hours of sleep a night (in theory), 2 real meals a day (yay sammiches!), and 1 shower a day. I know everyone's thinking "I shower three times a day!" "I eat all the time, I won't forget to eat!" but with everything that goes on, you might forget. Stuff happens pretty much all the time until sunday, when checkout is at noon and the con is pretty much wound down by 3 or 4 (if we're exhausted, we'll leave earlier). Leaving at 4 at the latest, 3 1/2 hours to get home, back to my house at 7-8-ish.

Watch your money. Always hold your wallet in your hand in the dealers room. Don't leave it on a table. Leave some money in the hotel room for saturday / sunday! And FOOD MONEY!

Bring snackies. And a few of us should bring bread. And drinks. And sammich stuff. AND BRING GRANOLA BARS! Or something else snack-able. Eating sugar and snacks all weekend = crashing. Not drinking enough = dehydration. There's fast food nearby, and pizza delivers!

I am afraid of maids. I don't like them coming in. Our stuff will be everywhere, and I don't want to pre-clean for a maid to come in. Hide valueables anyway, in the closet or something.

Here's the Address and Phone # for the hotel:
4700 Emperor Boulevard (I-40 Exit 282 -- Page Road)
Durham, North Carolina, 27703. - (919) 941-5050

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How's cosplay progress going? If you aren't 50% done on Tekken costumes by now, I will kill you, and comment to this post if you need / could use help!

I apologize for this INSANELY long entry. This is a lot of typing, and my brain hurts. Did I forget anything? Any questions?
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holy crap the shoes!

alright, so here's my anna costume so far
What I have
-the shoes. hot damn, the shoes.
-the shorts. They are DOOOOOOOONE!!!

What needs to be finished.
-the jacket
-the corset
-the phone
-he choker

so Ima work on teh choker and the phone soon. Like maybe tomorrow. I can do the jacket.
so if you feel brave enough to deal with me, call me and help me on the fffing corset. Please. Otherwise, I'ma butcher it, and yalluns can deal.

Other Costumes:
Possibly gonna do a chi thing, if I can get a long blonde wig, and the ears.
I wanna do a gl type thing, but it's gonna have to be ghetto.
Ima search ccs costumes tonight and find the easiest one possible to do incase chi doesn't work.
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