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May 22nd, 2005

08:52 pm
the birds of doom are all done!!!!!
all i have to do is the sleeves and the last bit of inner lining on the jacket, dye the gloves and beld, and make the headband (anyone have a white headband?) and then im done!
and my EGA is packed and ready to go
and i need to get my car back so i can get the weiss jacket from kendall (i can throw that together at the last minute)
and if Jaime can find the jacket i think we decided i was gonna be ed elrick (did we decide that?)

okay thats it cept the fact that i must brag for half a second:
i got a traditional Japanese tea set with the tea pot, cups, poons for soup, and a tray from mom (she left it on me bed) so im hapy!!! yey for the first nice tablewearness i own!
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May 17th, 2005

11:18 pm
so anyone who wants to come down here to work on cosplayness you can, and ralph wont be here so no one will have to put up with him. (this also mean i cant go to anyones house till friday night so yeah)
everyones welcome.

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12:00 am
birds of doom are cut out and the gi thusfar is drying after a much needed loving bath. so all i need to do on it is a wee bit of hand stitching and some more ironing on of things, and i'll be set (Jaime, could you bring a bit of black fabric bout a foot wide and 2-3 feet long tomorrow?) and ready to do the lil bit of work left on the acessories (anyone know where to find blue gloves this time of year?)

have fun and for you percentage people id say im 80% done with it *^^* see you all tomorrow

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May 16th, 2005

07:42 pm
yey we got stuff done (and i again appologize to you all for the fact that my mothers husband is a creep) and we all hung out in the hendo manor.

i have a bag of stuff left here that i will bring tomorrow! and the cd player if you all need it. now ima get back to work u.u
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09:17 am
for all you coming to hendo today:
the sewing machine works (i kicked its ass) but the thread variety is lacking, so if you need a certain color other than black or burgandy or maybe white, you may wanna bring it as well.
thankie thankie

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May 14th, 2005

10:18 pm - cosplay
alright, this shall be divided into a few seperate parts.

I. The Tekken Costume

Alright, so far I have the shorts. Yes, the hot shorts of doom. I have the corset, but it needs work done to it, which hopefully won't take forever. I hope. The jacket needs trim, and it's done. The shoes need to be found, as does the choker. The cellophone needs to be painted red, and somehow be attachable to the shorts. So that's where I am.

II. Yalluns

So today is friday. Unrealistically, we have 13 days left till we ship off, although this late at night it's more 12 days. Realistically, we have less than a week. We have to work around work schedules, and Jaime in school schedules, and then people having gas monies to go places. At this point, clint and I have fairly taken over dance choreography, and we're adapting seisan kata to make it our dance-ness. If you don't like this plan, then you can choreograph the dance. *^^*
COSTUMES!!! I don't know who has even started on theirs, but it's helps to know how your costume will affect your fighting (that's another reason that they do dress rehearsals. Cause it's nice to know these things)
Also, those of you having individual fights, THIS IS NOT ALWAYS AN EASY THING! Hence the fact that we choreograph around who you are, how you fight, your costume, and other such issues. This doesn't happen overnight. Unless your clint. And he just sucks. Not really.
So in short, lets get it together, meet this weekend sometime if possible (or even before that!) And if it's ok with clint and everyone doesn't mind hendo, I say we go down there and all start workin our butts off. And kicking our butts off. Cause this is a lot to do in a short amount of time.

III. Money

Jaime, When will I see you to give you money, and how much is owed for hotel costs. Also, I am paying for clint to go, so if you wouldn't mind just do us as like...one person. Like tohandsora. We're one very large being.
Very very large.

IV. The rest of the cosplay

If at all possible, I want to finish the country lolita dress. It can be made possible, right? I want it to be possible. Also, I have the pink dress which for some reason now fits me (jaime knows what I mean). Then there's the white dress which Ive just decided to randomize. Completely and totally randomize. And I want to do a school girl type thing. And if I can find a wig, I can be schoolgirl chi *^^* mwahahahahahahahaha

Alright, so that's about it. I think. Wait...

V. scheduling

everyone who reads this, reply (and if I don't know who you are, or what your lj name is, that makes things slightly difficult for me, so give me some hint as to who you are) and give us some hint of scheduling so we can figure out when we can all meet. Cause this must be done. MUST I tell you!!!
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11:56 am - woosh!
weeeee for the short update.

scottie knows bits of seisan
our fight is coreograpehd
ima head to jaimes here in a bit
we shall sew
monday fighting is when?
scottie thinks man kissing is hot (thanks dave hehe)
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May 13th, 2005

02:11 pm
OK, without attitude or specific accusation, I have something to say. If significant progress has not been made on all costumes by the middle of next week, this skit is not going to happen. Don't get me wrong, I want this to get off the ground, but in addition to costumes, we have a fairly complicated skit that does need to be rehearsed. I understand that a great number of us congregate at Jaime's house to do cosplay (this includes myself). The problem here is that Jaime has class starting the twenty-third. This means that Jaime's house can only be "cosplay central" for one more week at best. Realistically, we need to get cosplay done by next week so we can rehearse the skit. Otherwise, the skit is never going to happen.

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May 9th, 2005

03:54 pm - cosplayness, cosplayness, and more cosplayness
Hwoarang-50% (birds and sleeves)
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May 8th, 2005

08:49 pm - seisan kata!!!omgwtf!!!
so guess what! I learned bits and peices...literally...of seisan kata, so guess what I can do tomorrow! Work a little itty bit on seisan. Im going to hijack clint later on and finish working on it. I think the hardest thing is the footwork cause it's evil >.
Current Mood: tiredsleepy go night night muchly
Current Music: kids...talking

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